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  • Martin DamianMartin Damian was born on September 21, 1973 in Zábřeh na Moravě, in the course of the years 2002-2005, he continued his studies of theology at the University of Palacký in Olomouc.
  • In 2000, he joined The Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, where he has acquired the skill of icon creation during six years of his stay there. Consulting with orthodox icon writers was of great help to him. 

  • In 2009, he attended the course of Masterpiece copying organized by the National Gallery in Prague, which was topped by common exhibition of the authors in the premises of St. George Monastery at the Prague Castle. 

  • In 2010, he illustrated the book "Důvěřuji Bohu a proto i bližnímu" /I trust God and therefore also my neighbour/ by the brother Pacifik Matějka, OFMCap.

  • In co-operation with the Sisters of St. Paul, he issues a painting book for children, the themes of which are lives of saints. In spite of the fact that he has created many works of various characters, icon writing stays to be his great passion. 

  • He regularly organizes courses of iconography.

  • Encyklopedie Wikipedia - ikonopisec Martin Damian


Martin Damian

  • LUX MUNDI Exhibition
    St. Adalbert Bookstore, building of the Theological Faculty, Charles University
    In March and April you can visit the exhibition of 19 icons from my iconography studio in the St. Adalbert Bookstore in Prague 6. 

  • Window to Heaven' Exhibition
    Sazava monastery 
    In the summer of 2013, my icons were exhibited on the tour route of Sazava monastery. The icons have been installed in a way to give an impression of forming a unified whole with the spiritual atmosphere of the monastery. It was also possible to see an iconography studio and learn about materials used for creating icons.

  • Vienna: Pentecost Icon Exhibition
    St. Andreas vicarage
    Another exhibition of my icons took place in the Church of St. Andreas during the 2012 Pentecost. I held a 'live iconography workshop' where I presented iconography techniques. During this workshop I created a new icon of Blue Angel. The visitors seemed to enjoy the exhibition very much, and were especially intrigued by the picture of the Virgin Mary of Roudnice under the main altar. I would like to give special thanks to parson Gustav Murlasits for his help with organization of the exhibition. 

  • Olomouc: ICONS Exhibition 
    ODE Café
    Dear art lovers, 
    Those who favor praying in front of icons and are fascinated by the mystery of Byzantine icons are all invited to my exhibition of icons in the ODE Café. I am very happy that my icons.