Mother of God, of Vladimir type

Icon of Mother of God

Size:  28x23 cm

Used material:
wood, cotton cloth, glue, float chalk, Jerusalem earth, yolk tempera, 23.75 kar. gold

Price icon 380 Eur

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Bohorodicka Vladimirska detail.jpg


Mother of God

The most known Christian icon of the Virgin Mary is the Byzantine/orthodox icon of Mother of God, of Vladimir type.

According to the legend, Luke the Evangelist made it upon the life of Virgin Mary. Therefore Luke the Evangelist is the patron saint of orthodox iconography, Christian icons and icon writers. In fact, the orthodox icon of Mother of God, of Vladimir type, was created in the 11th Century in Byzantine and then got to Russia to the town called Vladimir. 

On the icon, Mother of God has lower clothes in blue (symbol of humanity), upper clothes in red (divine colour). Virgin Mary is veiled in Grace of God. This kind of Christian icon is placed in iconostas next to imperial gate.