Czech Television, 'Christian magazine' TV program, May 2011

Czech Television, Toulavá kamera, January 2012

Czech Television, Good Morning Show with CT, August 2011

Noe Television, 'Window to Heaven' exhibition in Sazava monastery


Czech Radio, 'A Thousand Stories' radio program, March 2012

The iconographer Martin Damian let us look not only inside the world of icons that he writes but also in his life.

Czech Radio, 'Touches of Faith', April 2011

About history, creation and meaning of icons


Catholic Weekly, March 2011, interview about creation of icons

Prague Loreta is currently hosting an exhibition called 'Light of Icons'. Here we bring an interview with an art historian Jan Royt and an iconographer Martin Damian.


Voice of Orthodoxy, September 2010, examples 

of works from Icon Painting Workshop + article

Martin Damian - Hlas pravoslaví

Photos of Saint Agnes Czech in the History of February 2009

Martin Damian - malba svaté Anežky České