Creating icons

  • Wood for the ikon must be well hewed and shaped and fastened so that it does not twist upon further process. On thus prepared wood I put the prayer on blessing for those who will have the ikon at home, will pray in front of it or will only look at it.



  • On thus hewed wood I glue a piece of canvas that is made of flax or cotton. It is necessary that all materials for the creation of icons were on natural basis.

  • Then the levkas, made of glue and calcium carbonate, is laid in several layers. Afterwards, I use sandpaper to make it smoother.



  • Later I prepare a mixture made of poliment, whipped whites and water. This mixture I put on places where I with the use of pure alcohol finally glue layers of gold. Gold is possible to polish or leave it matt.

  • When writing the icons, first I put dark shades. Gradually I put individual layers until I get to the lightest shades.  Icons are closely connected with temperas. According to the ancient tradition, the natural pigments are used. Those pigments are mixed with yolk and white wine or vinegar.



  • Icons are full of symbols. The three stars of the Virgin Mary on her forehead and shoulders show her virginity.
  • Finally, the icon is described. The description is part and parcel of the icon.


  • The very final part is lacquering. The icon is thus protected and the work in the icon atelier finishes.
  • Now this piece of art can live its own life. I believe that each icon has its inner life, which is a great spiritual wealth as well as secrecy.
  • We cannot possess the icon. We can accept the icon as a gift, part of our life, which overhangs us and in our life´s pilgrimage shall without any doubt live longer.