• Czech Television, 'Christian magazine' TV program, May 2011

  • Czech Television, Toulavá kamera, January 2012

  • ČCzech Television, Good Morning Show with CT, August 2011

  • Noe Television, 'Window to Heaven' exhibition in Sazava monastery

  • Czech Radio, 'A Thousand Stories' radio program, March 2012
    • The iconographer Martin Damian let us look not only inside the world of icons that he writes but also in his life.

  • Czech Radio, 'Touches of Faith', April 2011

  • Catholic Weekly, March 2011, interview about creation of icons
    • Prague Loreta is currently hosting an exhibition called 'Light of Icons'. Here we bring an interview with an art historian Jan Royt and an iconographer Martin Damian.


  • Voice of Orthodoxy, September 2010, examples of works from Icon Painting Workshop + article


  • Photos of Saint Agnes Czech in the History of February 2009