Blue angel


A blue angel represents the Seraphim, an angel full of love, who has the privilege of being close to God and reigning Christ. At the same time, it can become a guardian angel, who brings blessings to the whole house.

Preparation of wood and inscription of prayer

Application of bone-glue and attachment of the canvas on the icon.

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In theological terms, icons are not "painted" but rather "written". I believe that this view comes from the ancient times. At a time when many people could not read or write, they could easily understand scenes from Holy Scriptures precisely thanks to iconography.

In the early Christian culture (especially in the Eastern churches), the icons were considered as important as the Holy Scriptures. Accepting an icon as a gift therefore equaled to receiving the Holy Scriptures.


Application of the 24th karat gold leaves

Gold used in the icons represents God's glory and beauty. It provides the observer an insight into a spiritual world, into the kingdom of God. Its shine is supposed to indicate that the picture on the icon comes from another world.


When creating the icon, the iconographer begins with applying the darkest shades.

Icons are "written" with tempera paints made of egg yolk, vinegar and natural pigment.

Icons are full of mystery, love and God's power. They affect observers, and bring blessings to residents of the houses in which they are placed.


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